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West Coast -One Destination , many experiences

Posted in Langebaan on Oct 01, 2016

What many travellers & visitors to the Western Cape don't know, is that just outside Cape Town, on the R27 road out of the Mother City is a pulsating, distinctive, exceptional and often overlooked part of the country. The Cape West Coast is strewn with attractive and alluring fishing villages, endless tracts of white beaches and plentiful fauna and flora. Most people think only of Langebaan's lagoon, Paternoster, and the Wild Flowers,-however there is, in fact, a whole world beyond the city limits.

Check out these West Coast Nuggets – all just a short trip away from Cape Town.

1. Enjoy a great cuisine experience at "Die Strandkombuis", restaurant in Yzerfontein:
Located just outside Yzerfontein on the famous sixteen mile beach, is the rustic open air restaurant that specializes in the freshest seafood, all prepared on open fires and served in courses over a period of many happy hours.
2. Experience a cultural extravaganza at !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre
!Khwa ttu offers a charming + absorbing insight into the culture, heritage, knowledge and modern-day life of the San of Southern Africa.
3. Entertaining birding in the West Coast National park
This National Park, offers the visitor wide open beaches, open plains of bush and shrubs + a dune-field , the iconic Langebaan lagoon and the Saldanha Bay Islands. Great area for breeding and migrating birds – all to be viewed at your leisure inside the WC National Park.
4. The ever peaceful Cape Columbine Nature Reserve:
Un-spoilt by progress and change this pristine reserve at Cape Columbine lies on a vast peninsula that covers tracts of gorgeous wild landscapes, countless wildlife species and a rugged but strangely attractive rocky coastline. 
5. The Ostrich Show Farm:
Located on the N7, just an hour from Cape Town, the Ostrich Show Farm offers informative and interactive experiences. The tour covers educational aspects followed by a visit to the museum and Ostrich leather factory.
6. West Coast Biosphere Trails:
When partaking in this fine experience, one can encounter  nature, the sun, stars, smell and tides of the ocean and the sense of being free. The relaxed-paced hikes through the unique vegetation, deserted beaches and tranquil lagoon of the West Coast National Park is a must for nature lovers as well as inquisitive hikers. 
7. Sample the West Coast wines on -The Darling Wine Route
There are a few magnificent wine estates surrounding Darling which produce rich flavoured wines. Due to Darlings closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and the vineyards' elevation - exquisite wines with concentrated flavours-are made and sold in this impressive part of the West Coast. 
8. A fun day Sand boarding in  Atlantis:
Sandboarding in Cape Town is an all-year round activity and the beautiful white dunes of the Atlantis dune field provides a safe environment to learn, experience, improve your skills or just have a fun-packed day with your friends and family.
9. Horse-riding in Langebaan
Riding along the beautiful stretch of beach around Langebaan or Saldanha  is a breath-taking experience ,not to mention a great way to experience the natural beauty and rugged coastline.
10. Get some Atlantic Ocean time in a Kayak in Paternoster:
Take to the ocean in Paternoster with an experienced guide and enjoy a gentle meander along the coastline, where you could spot dolphins, seals and whales and get up close and personal with the plentiful and varied bird life.
11. Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Calypso Beach-Langebaan:  
Calypso Beach is a pristine west-facing beach with warm flat water, slight tidal fluctuations and smooth long wave swells – all making this a perfect stretch for stand up paddle boarding.
12. Take the family out in a Beach buggy trip - Paternoster:
For retro family fun explore the dunes between Paternoster and St Helena Bay in a novel off-road adventure - by beach buggy.
13. Mamre Moravian Mission Station
Originally founded in the 16th century as a military and cattle post, the restored mission complex is set under old shady oak trees - complete with church, parsonage, school, water mill, bakery, barns and stables.
14. West Coast Fossil Park:
Contrary to the way the West Coast looks today, millions of years ago the area was actually characterized by Rivers, forests and wooded savanna, which was inhabited by animals like the short necked giraffe and the west coast bear – all to be viewed fossilized,  now at the West coast fossil park.
15. Have a laugh at one of the shows at Evita se Perron, Darling:
It is here that you can meet the infamous Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout, the most famous white woman in South Africa, enjoy traditional boerekos , take in her show, stroll around Boerassic Park and sip on Evita Blanc wines. – This truly is a unique and completely fulfilling experience.
16. Relax and Taste a Darling Brew – Craft beer style
Relax and sip on craft beers with fascinating names like Bone Crusher and Black Mist, or pair them with a selection of inspired light meals that enhance their unique flavours.
17. Boat trip to Dassen Island - Yzerfontein
Home to a large population of African penguins, Dassen Island is located just off the coastline near Yzerfontein. Head to this tranquil little coastal village and enquire at the tourism office for organized trips and charters.
18. Have some fun at the Club Mykonos Casino:
When you are in need of a little excitement after your day of hiking or kite-surfing, the place to visit is Club Mykonos. Built in the Greek & Mediterranean style and located on the shores of the beautiful Langebaan lagoon – one is assured to feel welcome and appreciated.
19. Visit the Darling Museum:
Initially founded in 1978 by the Darling Women’s Agricultural Association as a Butter Museum, the Darling Museum boasts a fascinating recreation of life in a bygone era.
20. Mountain Bike in Saldanha Bay
The gorgeous SAS Nature Reserve in the military base has a few well marked walking routes that are all bike-friendly. These routes all offer impressive views, bird watching and game spotting with access onto the northern peninsula of Saldanha Bay.
21. Drop in at West Coast Farm Stall
This very popular establishment can be found at the Yzerfontein turn-off on the R27 – just a short drive from Cape Town it sports a tourism office, a country style arts and craft shop, a funky restaurant with homemade treats and the incredible Farm stall. – Well worth the visit and a perfect rest point for your West Coast journey. 
22. Go angling at Dwarskersbos 
This little serene coastal village is built right next to the quiet ,peaceful and deserted beaches just north of Velddrif.  Home to long white sandy beaches, sunshine, spectacular sunsets, good surf fishing and timeless moments –one will be well stress-free after a hassle free getaway to this little oasis.

24. Sit and view the quayside in velddrif:
There are a number of great little restaurants in Velddrif that are on or near the working quayside. Pop down and spend a full morning watching the intricate movements and activities of the fishing industry while they prepare to head out and conduct the catch for the day. – Relax and be entertained by the friendly locals and the traditional meals all served with a portion of true West Coast Hospitality.
25. Surf an epic wave at Elands-bay/Elandsbaai 
The West Coast offers the visitor many opportunities to partake in waters sports –one of which is the magical waves found at Elands Bay. – This truly traditional West Coast fishing village is home to one of the best breaks one will ever see. Holding a formidable swell size - one has the choice of numerous peaks for good big waves or inshore smaller waves. Pack the family or group of friends in and head to Elands bay - Accommodation, Entertainment, Activities and the epic waves are all waiting.