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The Monkeys that came to Heaven - The Pixies

Posted in Cape Town City on Mar 18, 2017

And so, it was that The Pixies came to Cape Town and performed to a sold-out crowd at Kirstenbosch Gardens. The night could not have been more perfect as it had rained the night before and as the concert was outdoors, it could have easily been weather influenced, but even the weather gods appreciated that all had waited for the best part of 30 years to see this band perform. AMP Events took a leap of faith by bringing out a rather niche audience band and boy was it appreciated by the fortunate ones who took the time to attend.

The venue is a favourite choice amongst almost every band that has played there. A beautiful botanical collection of plants on the backside of Table Mountain surrounded by Newlands forest perched above most of Cape Town, giving this concert venue, not only an amazing immediate surrounding, but also a view over vast parts of one of the most picturesque cites in the world. The venue is also traditionally used for picnics, which are also allowed when concerts are being played at the venue, making it not just any old concert, but one when you can enjoy a glass of wine on the lawn while watching some of the world’s best entertainment.

The evening started with a walk up the hill to find our spot. We commandeered our area on the lawn and lazed into the evening with the perfect sundowners as the sun set over Cape Town. After a brief welcome the Springbok Nude Girls opened the evening with the same magic and energy they had in the nineties with hits like ‘Blue Eyes’ and ‘Bubble gum on my Boots’. This got the crowd into the mood for what was to come. South African fans love supporting good local indie rock and the Nude Girls are the cream of the crop.

A small tuning interval followed where one could sit back and enjoy a little more of the sweet sundowner nectar that had been carefully carried up the hill to the event. Then almost without warning the baseline of ‘Gouge Away’ broke the laid-back atmosphere of Kirstenbosch Gardens. The Pixies had arrived and the quality was spectacular. Black Francis has made sure the sound is as good, if not better that the late 80’s early 90’s. His voice has also aged well, not quite as rough and uncut as it was back in the day. The band was really tight and well-oiled as they moved through the popular oldies like ‘Debaser’, ‘Hey’ and ‘Mr Grieves’, and interspersed this with some great newer tunes like ‘All I think about now’ and ‘Head Carrier’. The fans bellowed out the lyrics they remembered and bounced around on the lawn to those they didn’t, but all agreed that the evening was truly well worth the 30 year wait. The Pixies were amazing in the 80’s, but are better live, better in Kirstenbosch, better now, better than I recall and reinforced why they are still around after 30 years. Death to the Pixies, Long Live The Pixies. You are welcome back in our hood anytime.