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Things to do in St Helena bay this Summer

Posted in St Helena Bay on Aug 01, 2018

  • Walk on the Long White beaches: Bordered on the coastal side by mesmeric white beaches that stretch along all the bays, you will find solitude and isolation so you can walk, run and jump on the sandy beaches or in the fresh Atlantic Ocean
  • Ride your bike: Bring your Mtb along and ride along the coastline on rugged single tracks or country jeep tracks towards Paternoster and Vredenburg.
  • Play some golf: The very popular and fully grassed course is popular over weekends and ensures a stress free environment to enjoy your golf outing
  • Read a book: The best time to read a book is sitting back after a long week and overlooking the Ocean while listening to the silence in St Helena bay.
  • Relax at a pub n Restaurant: Funky and uniquely West Coast Pub with attached restaurants exist with great views and wholesome food menu’s – bring your mates you will not regret it 
  • Dine on the local catch: The local area is known for its seafood variety – and rightly so, one should then sample the appealing local recipes with modern delivery. Freshly caught fish and other are a delicacy here and are prepared to the best standard. 
  • Swim in the Sea: Take the plunge and refresh yourself with a swim, paddle, surf, or dive in the seas around the Village. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
  • Do an activity such as a riverboat tour, kayak, horse ride or shore fishing: Great activities are offered just a short distance from the Village –These include a popular river boat tour, well-liked kayaking and an enthusiastic Beach horse ride for all and any ability.
  • Entice yourself to a coffee and a plate of home styled comfort food: The village has two very popular Coffee shops, Periwinkle & Seester, were one can find great coffee, tasty home-style cuisine and humble west coast hospitality. Sit down and be served while relaxing on a tasty treat.
  • Visit the heritage and monument sites: The Village has some interesting heritage points. From the Portuguese cross through to heritage graveyards and very old buildings. These are easily accessible to view and experience.