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Fun things to do in and around Langebaan

Posted in Langebaan on Aug 25, 2018

Not a lot of people know this but Langebaan is the main link of some of the small towns around the west coast. With only a quick trip into Saldanha Bay or Vredenburg there is not much that cannot be done on a weekend away. With most of the town situated directly on the coast very few things don’t have a beach view. Not many places can say I’m just quickly popping out to get bread, milk or whatever is needed and have a full sea view along the way. 

For a weekend away there is more than enough to keep you busy and cover all your wants and needs to fit any budget. From the minimal get away of camping to the top of the range luxury getaway they have you covered, but today I have decided to spice things up a little bit and tell you about the things there are to do in and around that you don’t hear about on a daily bases and not many of us know about. 

  • The West Coast fossil park. 

Despite what the west coast looks like today millions of years ago it was covered with riverine forests and wooded savanna and there has been some amazing findings to show for what this small town was all about back in the day. Fun and factual day out for the whole family.

  • West Coast National Park.

If you are a nature lover and want to see the west coast on some of the most beautiful hiking trails that there is this is without a doubt the day out for you. +- 30km Outside of Saldanha Bay is  the West Coast national park where you can experience it for yourself with the wilderness slack-packer hikes through the unique vegetation, deserted beaches and tranquil lagoon of the West Coast National Park. With a choice of 5 different trails to choose from there is not much to go wrong picking this as a day out. 

  • Bird watching in the West Coast National Park 

Between Yzerfontein, Langebaan lagoon and Saldanha Bay Islands is a very beautiful bird watching area which is home to more than 300 bird species. 

  • Horse riding in Langebaan

One of my favourite things to do is have a sun set horseback ride along the beach, experiencing some of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful sites on the whole of the west coast with all its natural beauty and rugged coastline.

  • Mountain Biking in West Coast National Park

If your more a person for the excitement and loves doing the site seeing on your bike then this will fit all your needs. With 4 trails to pick from, whether it be a quick day ride or a trail that is best done over the course of 3 days they’ve got you covered. 

  • Scuba diving 

It’s not only in the movies or far away destinations where you can take scuba classes in the clear blue waters. In Saldanha bay you can rent your kit that is needed and take classes if required. When you are all done, put your feet up on the water’s edge and  have a fantastic lunch with a cocktail. 

  • Kite surfing 

Not many people know this but one of the best spots if not the best spot to kite surf is in Parker Town, Saldanha Bay. One of the best kept secrets is the summer water temperature in the bay which is the warmest on the stretch of beach on the west coast making it the best swimming / kiting spot in the Cape! 

  • Amazing sunset cruises on the Langebaan Lagoon

Nice relaxing sunset cruise to share with friends and loved ones. With an hour to hour and a half sunset cruise taking in the tranquillity of the beautiful Langebaan skyline there isn’t much more to say then it’s a must! Fully licensed cash bar on board, blankets for those a bit chilly night or to just simply cuddle up on the trampolines I can honestly say I will be back for more in a heartbeat.


  • Game drives

Not many people know this but just a few kilometres from Saldanha and Langebaan there are a few very breath-taking spots with 4x4 trails and game drives where you can see wild life such as cheetahs, zebras, wildebeest just to name a few of the beautiful animals that are in these reserves. You can even go into the cheetah enclosures to get a few snaps taken with them. After that you can enjoy the amazing restaurants for meal with your family and friends while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the west coast. 

  • If you’re not in the mood to go too far or do too much you can always just walking down the beaches to some really fantastic spots to get food or just have a lazy day by the beach with your loved ones. In Langebaan the sky is the limit of things to do and places to see.