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A memorable experience with friends in August 2018 with the Wine Flies on the Forgotten Route.

Posted in Langebaan on Aug 25, 2018

A memorable experience with friends in August 2018 with the Wine Flies on the Forgotten Route.

The Forgotten route will encompass you in the historical period of the early Diamond and expansion era – where explorers came to South Africa for fame and fortune.

After meeting up with “Lord Riaan” and witnessing the ‘Wine Flies town Crier’ the modern day explorers aka the “Svenskis 3 day birthday pioneers” rumbled and trod on an extremely entertaining and satisfying walk through the Cape Town City and Gardens district –where imposing architecture, nostalgic backdrops and historically factual accounts where revealed by the evergreen and joyful walk tour leader “Lord Riaan”.

The countryside adventure started to get momentum when the group were hosted to a hot cup of brew and a ‘ Passport photo shoot’, by the two intrepid “Forgotten Route” tour leaders “Lord Terrence” and his trusty and well capable side kick “Lord Kobus”, at one of Cape Town’s oldest hotels aptly named the ‘Kimberly Hotel’.

A short and comfortable journey along a modern day highway route, lead us to the charming yet bustling country town of Worcester – where we were hosted at an unique orchard and wine making farm. The winemakers made us feel right at home and presented the various wines in a gratifying and very absorbing manner. The swirling, tasting and pairing of wines was followed by the purchasing of copious amounts of wine from our ‘new wine farm friends’ and then it was off for the railroad expedition experience of the Forgotten Route outing.

"All aboard” rambled across the platform, the train started moving and the excursion was underway. The rail route followed a winding course through the hills and mountains which lead us up onto the Karoo, right to the doorstep of the magical and quintessential Karoo town of Matjiesfontein.

Upon arrival the group were met by a slight breeze of artic temperature, appropriately dulled by a body warming welcoming drink, and our twin tour Lords Terence and Kobus.
The Matjiesfontein town experience was filled with bizarre, curious, weird, peculiar and wacky yet fantastic experiences that can be found no-where else in the world but here. An uncanny yet superlative bus tour of the town, a time period museum, historical buildings, bygone era artefacts and the ghost hunting experiences are all so good they will be etched in our minds forever.
A traditional Karoo braai, under the big milky star filled sky, sets the tranquil mood for a story or seven around the dinner table. 

The crisp early morning and a warm cup of coffee greeted a spectacular sunrise over the mountain and open fields.
A full board breakfast at the Lord Milner hotel is the start point for the trip back to Cape Town

Day two takes one on a winding route through the scenic Valleys of the Western Cape where road stops for panoramic vistas and country side padstals are plentiful.
Lunch at a particular charming road side trade store was heavenly – Hosted by the residing couple, the traditional food served up was hearty, extremely tasty and enough for seconds.
The trip continued to wind through the valleys and rich farming basin, stopping off at an iconic dried fruit outlet and a leg stretching outing on an Olive farm, reaching the bright lights of Cape Town late in the afternoon.

Finally a hearty and authentic thank you must be given to the two exceptional guides “Lords Terence and Kobus – both where at ease with the pace, exhibited constructive knowledge and displayed quality and mature attributes throughout the experience.

This was an experience that one often never hears about –however once participated in, it will never be forgotten nor stopped being talked about.

The Forgotten Route is a Five Star highly recommended experience by “Wine Flies”.