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Wineflies has landed in Langebaan

Posted in Langebaan on Sep 12, 2018

Image by:Fusion Fotography

So this weekend we spiced things up a little bit at Wisewally and had Lord Terence from Wineflies join us for some wine tasting at some of the spots in Langebaan to introduce the Little Big Wines to the community. We had so much fun. We started the day off with some wine tasting on the beach front at White Sands while the Springboks was playing Australia (yes we did have a few stops in between holding our breaths and focusing on the game) but what better way to enjoy a game then with some great wine to go down with it. From there we met up with the property manager of The Beach House and Cottage as well as Sovanger and Buttercup from Saldanha Bay and St Helena Bay where we had a sit down and learned a few new facts about these two interesting little towns. Next up we stopped at one of my favourite spots in Langebaan where we met up with the owners of The Stables on their stoep with a view over looking Langebaan for some tasting, giggles and puppy cuddles.

After that we made our way back to Club Mykonos where we met up the crew of Elite charters for a tasting before heading on the catamaran for a show off somethings Langebaan has to offer to Lord Terence. After the tasting with a bit of a nip in the air we grabbed a few blankets and headed to the trampolines where we soaked up the last bit of sun for the day on our way back to Club Mykonos where we spent a few moments on the waterfront watching the sun go down while rapping up business for the day.

The tastings and introducing did not stop there. Lord Terence left us with a few sample bottles to go see some more spots. With great pleasure we would like to say that Little Big Wines have been welcomed with open arms around Langebaan. Don’t forget to ask your local when you go for supper or a few drinks for one of their delicious red, white or blush rose wines.